Photo editing

A few Photoshop tips to start : Magnetic Lasso Tool: Found in plain sight in your Photoshop tool-panel, the Lasso tool is basically man’s gift to photo editing. This easy selection tool helps you trace and outline the exact part of an image that you’re looking to edit, and then separate it from the rest Read More

Otsu Keori blanket

A wool blanket also makes an excellent selection for bedding because of its flame resistance. It requires an increased temperature to ignite the fiber than other materials including cotton. The rate at which a flame spreads can also be really low. This can be something to take into consideration when thinking of fire safety in Read More

Luxury Footwear

Searching for Shoes made on order in Karachi? Mochi Cordwainer’ shoes are trendy looking, durable and affordable. Mochi Cordwainer’s emerged in the market as a footwear brand aimed at filling the price gap between high end and fast fashion brands. Our aim is to provide luxury footwear that is trendy and affordable. From sketching to Read More

Page layout for e-accessible pdf

The new legislation requires that all downloadable documents and forms published on existing public sector websites after 23 September 2018 must be made accessible by 23 September 2020. In addition, any such documents published on new public sector websites (those published after 23 September 2018) must be made accessible by 23 September 2019 (Article 12, Read More

Shopping brand reviews

Vouchers market is huge. Every product on the planet can be purchased at half price if you search for the right coupon code. According to Microsoft, a promotional code, sometimes known as coupon code or discount code, is made up of a combination of numbers and letters. It’s used for specific purposes, such as a Read More

Image retouching

Searching for image retouching experts ? Pinkart began its development in the layout of annual reports and then expanded its offer of expertise with the layout of magazines, product catalogs, books and advertising versions. Today Pinkart has a complementary team dedicated to the process of photo retouching. Finally, “Octopouce Digital” is a sister company dedicated Read More

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