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Phone numbers for all services providers

Angry with a specific company customer support? Looking minutes on a utility bill to find a customer support phone number? Here is something to help you. What are the best support departments of Fortune 500 companies ? How can you reach them ? United Parcel Service of North America, Inc. or UPS is known as Read More

SEO website audit report

SEO rules and best practices change every year so here are some SEO advices for best results in 2019. Use structured data whenever possible, said Marcus Tandler, co-founder and managing director of Ryte. “With AI becoming increasingly important for Google, structured data is becoming more important as well,” Tandler said. “If Google wants to move Read More

Optimize wordpress speed

Blogging is hot at this moment, many people are looking to start a blog. Here are some things you need to know regarding start a blog for free and make money. 1st we discuss about free blogging platforms and after we talk about self hosted blogging solutions. Plugins are small pieces of software that enhance Read More

Inform yourself about Drupal 8 Migration

Upgrading a website script version is one of the highest risk task a webmaster has to deal with when managing a website. Upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8? Here is a small guide with various details. Let’s start with general info : Note that you don’t need to know anything about PHP to build Read More

Web design Swindon

Looking for graphic design studios Bristol? We have a solution for you and also some comments on the web design industry trends for 2019 and beyond. Paragraphs are no longer regulated to simple column distributions or wrapping geometric forms. Paragraphs of now and the future are bigger, full of hovers, emojis, images, style changes, Microinteractions, Read More

Photo editing

A few Photoshop tips to start : Magnetic Lasso Tool: Found in plain sight in your Photoshop tool-panel, the Lasso tool is basically man’s gift to photo editing. This easy selection tool helps you trace and outline the exact part of an image that you’re looking to edit, and then separate it from the rest Read More

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